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Children in Classroom

Primary School Programmes:
Exploring The World Of Emotions

At Imaginari Theatre, children become emotional explorers and join us on magical adventures into the world of emotions.

Through our puppetry shows, workshops and exclusive resources, children learn about different feelings in a fun and creative way. All our activities are specially designed to enhance the PSHE curriculum delivery and support children to develop healthier relationships with themselves and those around them.

Explore our latest initiatives below and learn how to bring these projects to your school.


Children are in for a delightful treat with the enchanting puppetry show, Ophelia's Shadow Theatre, accompanied by a hands-on shadow theatre workshop. The programme also enhances the PSHE curriculum by skilfully incorporating Mental Wellbeing themes in an enjoyable, imaginative, and impactful manner.

This one-of-a-kind programme allows children to experience puppetry's magic and explore their emotions in a fun and engaging environment. With various activities tailored to different age groups, our programme helps children develop important social skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence — all while having a blast!

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School Children

Explore exclusive classroom and home learning resources, allowing children to creatively explore various Mental Wellbeing topics within the PSHE Curriculum guidelines. 

Dive into the most recent studies on children's creativity and wellbeing through our curated articles.

Art Class
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