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Mind Your Mind, Ophelia

Mind Your Mind, Ophelia is an interactive theatre experience designed with primary school-aged children

at its heart.

Teaching children about emotions can feel like a very abstract subject and a hard one to put across. In this captivating programme, children learn different Mental Wellbeing topics within the PSHE curriculum while embarking on a journey of exploration, discovering various puppetry forms and igniting their limitless creativity.


Bring the wonders of puppetry to your school.

Children are in for a delightful treat with the enchanting puppetry show Ophelia's Shadow Theatre, presented by a team of incredibly skilled puppeteers.

Empower children’s creativity.

Right after the performance, children will discover the art of crafting their own shadow puppets and bringing them to life, empowering them to ignite their creativity and self-confidence.

Enhance the PSHE curriculum in a fun, creative and effective way.

Mind Your Mind, Ophelia actively supports the PSHE curriculum by skilfully incorporating Mental Wellbeing themes in an enjoyable, imaginative, and impactful manner.


How does it Work

Ophelia’s Shadow Theatre: The Puppetry Show

Inspired by Michael Ende’s children’s book, the show explores how to deal with and befriend difficult emotions. Ophelia, an old lady, works as a prompter in a theatre, and when the theatre closes, she finds a lost shadow on the stage. She welcomes it, and with time, other shadows approach her. Together, they have an amazing adventure which will change their lives forever.

Shadow Theatre Workshop

Following the show, children are invited to join a Shadow Theatre Workshop inspired by the play. It offers children the opportunity to get to create side-by-side with actors, discover how the show was made and make their own shadow puppets. All materials for the shadow theatre workshop are provided, including cardboard, colourful cellophane, sticks, velcro, felt, lace, recyclables, pieces of cloth, etc.

Wrap-Around Classroom Resources
To enhance the learning experience, the program provides Wrap-Around Classroom Resources. Prior to the show, children will engage in an introductory activity focused on emotional awareness and essential Mental Wellbeing topics aligned with the PSHE Curriculum guidelines. Additionally, teachers will have access to an Activity Plan and Teacher Guidance to extend the learning once the theatrical experience concludes.

Exclusive Home Learning Resources
In addition to this powerful theatre experience, families can look forward to engaging in exclusive online resources that will allow them to enrich their learning, nurture creativity, and enhance their mental wellbeing together.

To learn more, please download the full Mind Your Mind, Ophelia brochure here.

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