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Puppet Show

Every child has the right to experience their full creative potential and wellbeing.

All Aboard is our series of puppetry projects designed with vulnerable children at its heart. We partner with women's shelters and foster organisations to help kids take on life's toughest challenges with creativity and confidence.

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Puppetry Space

Puppetry is an excellent tool to help vulnerable children cope and build resilience. Our Puppetry Space programme is designed to do just that while providing a fun and creative space for parents and children to bond. Our workshops incorporate various types of puppets and emotional skills to help children develop their self-expression abilities, increase confidence, and improve communication within their families.


Once Upon A Time

We are passionate about providing a supportive and uplifting environment for children in care through our Puppetry & Storytelling Project, Once Upon A Time. Our program is tailored for children aged 5-11 and empowers them to develop their creativity and build resilience. Through folk stories and puppetry making, we explore themes of courage and strength, encouraging children to embolden their own life journey.



Support Us

Imaginari is more than just a children's theatre - we are a community that supports children's creativity and wellbeing both on and off stage. With your help, we can continue bringing our unforgettable puppetry shows and creative programmes to children in need. Join us in making a difference and supporting our mission.

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