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Ever since I was a little girl...

Creating and sharing stories has been a profound source of joy, learning and connection for me, for as since I can remember. Revisiting my childhood after becoming a mother,  I realised the huge power of dramatic and imaginative play. Theatre and storytelling support children's development and are key in overcoming adversity in the early years and laying sound mental wellbeing foundations that endure a lifetime. They offer a renewed sense of agency, empowerment and emotional understanding while creating a fertile ground for new connections and friendships.

Imaginative play opens up exciting opportunities for kids to learn, build confidence, and explore their emotions and experiences in the best possible way, however, these valuable experiences are becoming briefer or harder to access in our fast-paced world.


We're so excited to share this journey with you. Puppetry and storytelling are incredible tools to understand and reimagine the world around us and allowing space for imagination is fundamental to supporting children’s overcoming adversity and developing overall wellbeing.

We hope you will find all the tools you need to nurture your child’s creativity while also having great fun along the way!

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From this realisation, Imaginari Theatre CIC was created to actively advocate for the rights of every child to develop robust mental wellbeing foundations and unleash their full creative potential through their most favourite learning mode - play. 

Imaginari was born to be a hub of play and creativity for all children and their families. A magical place where parents, schools and organisations can find top-notch tools for their next wild adventure into the realms of imagination with the children in their lives.

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