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Welcome to our Testimonials page! Here, you can discover more about the positive impact of our puppetry and wellbeing programmes. We hope these testimonials will inspire you to support our cause and join us in our mission to fire up children’s creativity and wellbeing.


Imaginari Theatre’s puppetry programmes are important to our pupils as they enhance their cultural capital. Also, understanding more about feelings in a playful and fun way highly supports their emotional regulation. These programmes are vital to our school.

- Lisa Smith, Assistant Head Teacher, Moss Bury Primary School and Nursery


The whole experience is brilliant. The facilitator was very engaging and warm with children and staff alike. The children benefited greatly by learning about different emotions, experiencing something new, and exploring their imagination and fine motor skills. The workshop was just perfect. A really enjoyable experience for all!
- Mrs P. Stone, Pastoral Lead, Broadfield Academy

The experience was excellent. The children loved the workshop, and the parents were impress
ed with the puppets they brought home. I most enjoyed all the creativity that children were allowed to explore. The activity highly benefited the children, as they practised listening skills while following the instructions and learnt about empathy and different emotions. I’m happy to recommend Imaginari Theatre to other schools, the workshop was so fun and exciting for the children. Raquel was very enthusiastic and clear. Thank you for a great workshop!
- Mrs Mayin, Year 4 Teacher, How Wood Primary School


Children's Feedback

 Sarah, 7

Thank you for coming to our school to teach us about puppets.

Rory, 6; Cynthia, 8; Anthony, 9

This is the best day ever!

Grace, 9

It was great to have a step-by-step guide. I tried to make puppets before but found it very difficult.

Rebecca, 7

I learned about emotions and how to use a glove in a different way.

Cara, 9

I loved learning how to make a sock puppet and how to move it, too.

Peter, 8

I learned about different emotions today and how to show them through my puppet.

More Feedback

We rated Imaginari Theatre’s puppetry workshops 10/10. I loved that they ignited children’s creativity and critical thinking at the same time. I wish they could offer free sessions to all our classes. Children loved them, too. When asked about what they liked most, they replied: “All of it. It was so much fun, and I had to use my brain to think about feelings.” I highly recommend their learning activities.   
- Mrs Laura Campbell-Pugh, Assistant Headteacher at Margaret Wix Primary School


I loved that the workshops allowed children to use their imagination and creativity to create their own puppets. All instructions were clear and the children could follow them easily. It was lovely that the children also had a puppet manipulation tutorial at the end. 
- Mrs J. Martin, Year 1 Teacher, Broadfield Academy

It was clear that all the children really enjoyed the activity. It was lovely to see them express themselves through their puppet-making. I wish we had more time!
- Mrs Sarah Linwood, Year 3 Teacher, Wilbury Junior School

The children were very engaged with both designing and making the puppet. They could also describe the feelings that inspired the puppets they created. The length of the session was great.
- Miss Lynsey Thomaidis, Teaching Assistant, Wheatfields Infants' and Nursery School

The sessions were inventive and enjoyable. They were clearly delivered and well-resourced. We all really enjoyed it!
- Charlotte Graves, Year 3 Teacher, Cuffley School

The workshop went really well. The children loved it. I most enjoyed that the session was really creative and created a safe and positive space for children to explore and learn. It’s highly beneficial for children, and it expands their imagination and creativity.
- Mr Airey, Year 3 Teacher, Cuffley School

It was a great day! The activity highly benefited children as they stretched their creativity and learnt about emotions. The workshop was well organised, and the facilitator was very engaging for the children. I’m happy to recommend Imaginari Theatre to my colleagues. 
- Miss Lydia Hyde, Year 1 Teacher, St John’s Infant & Nursery School

I loved how creative the workshop was for the children. They all felt so proud of their puppets. It’s super beneficial for children as it allows them to be expressive while discovering new ways to communicate. And yes!! - I’d highly recommend Imaginari Theatre’s puppetry and wellbeing programmes. The children all loved it and were smiling throughout. It was great that the activity was also inclusive and aimed at all abilities. 
- Miss Morgan, Year 4 Teacher, Moss Bury Primary School and Nursery


There was a good provision of resources, and the facilitator engaged well with the students. I loved that the workshops offered children a hands-on activity linked to emotions and lots of opportunities for the children to express themselves. It was a great way of teaching teamwork skills and encouraging kind language. Thank you for coming to our school!
- Rebecca Berger, Assistant Head, Clore Shalom School 


It was great to see the children engaged and enjoying the making elements. The children gained further design and technology skills in designing and making a puppet. They also had to adapt and change their designs, another important skill.
- Mrs Barnes, Year 1 Teacher, How Wood Primary School

Feedback on Ophelia's Shadow Theatre, our puppetry show and shadow theatre family workshop.


“A wonderful puppet show with a beautiful story and meaning.”

- Mandy, Parent

“So inspiring. Children are still talking about it.”

- Elizabeth, St Albans Library

“Ophelia’s story is magical.”

- Jack, Parent

“The theatre show was very clever. Max enjoyed making his own puppet the most.”

- Rowena, Parent

“We had a great time. Children loved taking part in the workshop in a relaxed atmosphere.”

- Zahra, Parent

“We enjoyed all of it!!!”

- Nora, Parent

Feedback on Story Bag Course for Social Workers at ARC Fostering Support

This is so lovely. I really enjoyed it.

Mrs Apampa

Thanks, Raquel. That's very informative. I can see how to use the technique in other books.

Mrs Fernandes-Fewell

⭐ More Children's Feedback 

Dialogue between two boys in Year 4:

- This was the best thing I’ve ever done!

- Hummm… This was the second-best thing I’ve ever done!


I learned how to make glove puppets and how to glue stuff.

Ross, 8


I LOVED to learn how to make my puppet come to life.

Bertie, 9


My favourite part was decorating the puppet.

Rosie, 8


I learned how to use the special glue safely.

Jake, 7


I liked moving my puppet.

Tim, 6


I loved to put the finishing touches on my puppet.

Beatrice, Year 3


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