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Once Upon A Time

A Puppetry & Storytelling Adventure

Every child has the right to be the hero of her story and develop her full creative potential.

Once Upon A Time is a Puppetry & Storytelling Project dedicated to foster children aged 5 - 11, supporting mental health, social integration and creative development for children in care. The project explores the themes of courage & resilience through folk stories and puppetry making, empowering children to reassess their own life journey.

Once Upon A Time is proudly supported by Arts Council England and works in collaboration with art therapists, fostering agencies and councils.

How does it work

The project is composed by: 

  • Workshops where children explore storytelling, games, puppetry and create their own puppets and stories. 

  • The production of a professional puppetry show, inspired by children's creations and stories.

  • The show is then presented to children and the fostering community, celebrating and igniting conversations about their dreams, courage and resilience. 

Why Imagination Matters 

Igniting imagination is a great way to support children's cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. It is also a gateway to what we call the Six C's of Imaginative Play: Curiosity, Creativity, Collaborative Skills, Confidence, Connection and Critical Thinking.

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All Aboard

We believe that all children have the right to develop their full creative potential and we dream of a world where each one of them are encouraged to do so.

Your help will support mental health and social integration through play for children in care, ignite imagination and expand their voice. 

Support Us
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