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The Creative Home

empower your child to play, wonder and create 

Transform your home into a place that inspires wonder, play and creativity for all the family.

Combining art, nature and the most recent discoveries about children's development, this course offers loads of creative learning experiences for children from three to eight year's old. It also offers plenty of opportunities for families to explore + create together, and connect with other heart-like parents.

The Creative Home Course is now closed. Please add your name to the WaitList to enroll in our next session.

The Creative Home Course

At The Creative Home Course you will learn how to:​

  • Create spaces at home which are beautiful, meaningul and playful.

  • Set a family routine which enables creativity, quality play and connection - without overwhelm.

  • Easily design different learning corners in your home.

  • Explore Art, Nature, Mindfulness and STEM with your child.

  • Set inspiring read-alouds.

  • Nurture children's curiosity, wonder and creativity.

  • Design celebrations and adventures that suit your family life.

  • Offer a broad, balanced and creative education at home. 

Imagination Matters 

Igniting imagination is a great way to support children's cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. It is also a gateway to what we call the Six C's of Imaginative Play: Curiosity, Creativity, Collaborative Skills, Confidence, Connection and Critical Thinking.

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Double Win

Childhood is a especial time to nurture imagination and creativity. We believe that all children have the right to develop their full creative potential and we dream of a world where each one of them are able to do so. In this programme, we partner up with organisations supporting children in care and foster carers. Together, we can expand the gift of wonder and creativity in many our homes, inspiring the lives of many, many children.

Join the Waitlist

Join the Waitlist

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