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Very much a family person? This Activity Pack is for you.

Diving into family history with your child is a surprisingly powerful learning tool. Recent research shows that children who have a deeper understanding of their family narrative have more emotional balance, a stronger sense of purpose and self-esteem.

In The Family Book, children become detectives of their family stories, migrations, dreams and passions. Through a range of creative and fun activities, children create their own family books while exploring creativity, love of learning, early literacy, and supporting social and emotional development.


What is inside

On The Family Book Creator you will find:

- More than 20 creative ways to explore and build your family culture.
- Opportunities for children to learn their family history and nurture a sense of belonging.
- Plenty of activities that expand creativity, listening and early literacy.

- A Step-by-step Guide.

- Access to an Ink Saver Version of the document.


Just one purchase per family is required, and the same material can be printed for different siblings and updated as your child grows. You can always choose between the glamorous full version or the ink saver one (as simple can be so powerful).

Buy now The Family Book and jump straightway into your next family adventure.

The Family Book

  • Printinting & Assembling Your Book

    Check our guide for printing and assembling your book. Adjusting a few details can bring your beautifully designed book to life and make it, even more, just yours.


    Check your paper quality
    For best printing results we recommend using A4 white 160gsm paper, which not only guarantees an excellent image reproduction, but it will also make your book more sturdy and resistant.

    Ink Saver version
    You'll also be able to download Ink Saver Version of this product. For printing this version, a standard A4 white 80gsm paper works very well. If you prefer to create a sturdier version of your book, you can also use A4 white 160gsm paper.


    You'll need the following materials to assembly your book: 
    - Hole puncher 
    - Jute string, yarn, ribbons or filing clip for finishing

    After your child completed all the activities, it’s time to set up your book. Pierce the sheets with a hole puncher and assemble them with your chosen finishing.

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