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and the hidden world of colours

Stories strengthen our listening and speaking skills and have had an extraordinary revival throughout the world after the wave of electronic devices. Through poetic, inspiring stories and arts and crafts exploration, Matisse and the hidden world of colours is a storytelling-installation which explores the creative process developed by the artist on cut-outs and children's amazing insights about the world of colours. The piece will be created in collaboration with children from 0 to 5 years old, participants of our next Imagine Little Lab module, and performed by Imagine Collective. An adventure into the world of colours and the creative mind of a groundbreaking artist, where both little and big ones can stretch their imagination and have great fun together. 

Share this creative journey with us. Watch this space!

Creative Timescale 

April to July: Explore Matisse
and the hidden world of colours
at Imagination Little Lab sessions

August: Collaborative Playwriting

September and October: Rehearsals

November and December: Matisse
and the hidden world of colours
storytelling-installation presentations

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