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Ready to infuse your home with curiosity, imagination and creativity?

Download this guide packed with ideas and resources today.

Discover how to create a balanced routine at home with plenty of opportunities to learn, create and ignite beautiful and wild imaginations. Inspired by the Waldorf/Steiner pedagogical approach, the Curious Guide is designed for children from 4 to 11 years old and can also be adapted for toddlers. 

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About Raquel Bellastella


I'm an art educator, a theatre-maker and a mum of two very wild boys. I'm fascinated by playfulness and its potential to connect people of all ages and I dream of a world where everyone of us is encouraged to be curious and create - from day one.

I'm the host of Imagination at Home Podcast, a show dedicated to promote creativity at home, offering our dearest little ones a broad and balanced education.

Before entering the world of motherhood, I studied Performance and Devising Theatre at the London International School of Performing Arts, and also Art Education and Acting. In my career I worked as a drama and movement facilitator for adults and young children and devised a number of performances in Spain, Brazil and the UK.

I LOVE people, books, art and nature . After I became a mum, dancing with my two little ones is my best-ever playtime.

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