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Stories for Hands and Feet 


Stories strengthen our listening and speaking skills and have an extraordinary revival throughout the world after the wave of electronic devices. Through poetic, inspiring stories and arts and crafts exploration, both big and little ones can fully engage in the adventure and have great fun together



Stories and Artists Edition

14th November: Little Debussy

21th November: Little Matisse

28th November: Little Beethoven

5th December: Little Chagall

For Whom? 

Children from 18 months to 7 years accompanied by their parent/carer. Babies are welcome too and can play in our baby corner.



Tuesdays at 3.30pm

Limited Places.

Please book before you come.

What to expect?

The sessions explore storytelling and arts and crafts.  Each week we will explore a different story and take home a unique art work.  

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