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Child-Led Learning Kit 

Download this beautiful kit and how to guide today.

Boost your child’s love of learning and responsibility with this printable stickers + guide pack. These stickers allow you to create two beautiful child-led study books, where children can register and build their learning through curiosity and creativity. Inspired by the Waldorf and Reggio Approach, study books inspire children to be protagonists of their education, while also making the journey and their growth visible for them and for you. 

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About Raquel Bellastella


I'm an art educator, a theatre-maker and a mum of two very wild boys. I'm fascinated by playfulness and its potential to connect people of all ages and I dream of a world where everyone of us is encouraged to be curious and create - from day one.

I'm the host of Imagination at Home Podcast, a show dedicated to promote creativity at home, offering our dearest little ones a broad and balanced education.

Before entering the world of motherhood, I studied Performance and Devising Theatre at the London International School of Performing Arts, and also Art Education and Acting. In my career I worked as a drama and movement facilitator for adults and young children and devised a number of performances in Spain, Brazil and the UK.

I LOVE people, books, art and nature . After I became a mum, dancing with my two little ones is my best-ever playtime.

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