Spending Time on Children’s Best Ever Playground- Episode #3

Show Notes

In today’s episode, we talk about the now scientific proven effects that playing in nature has on children’s well-being, physical, emotional and intellectual development, socialisation and learning; and explore a few treasures that it can bring to little ones and grown-ups. Although natural environments have been children’s best playground for countless generations, in our digital and sedentary society, it’s so easy to drift away from it. Nature is one of the richest resources available for early learning and well-being and is always there, just waiting for us to come in.

What we’re talking about…

- Why spending time in nature is all about play.

- Nature’s amazing (and at times challenging too!) sensorial experiences.

- Playing in nature as a way to learn how to manage risk.

- Why playing in nature builds some vital skills for navigating our world today, such as risk management, concentration, curiosity, creativity and balance.

- How nature offers us an unique opportunity to connect with our children and get together in a different, more relaxed way.

- Top tips on exploring nature in a way that feels uncomplicated, comfortable and safe to everyone.


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