It’s Dance Time! (or The Art of Moving and Thinking Together) - Episode #8

Show Notes

In this episode we’re going to talk about dance and movement, as a way of infusing some extra fun in these days at home. We’re also going to explore why they’re a crucial element of young children development and adult’s wellbeing. Moreover, as we live in a society where children are required to spend more time sitting still than ever before, it is vital to raise our awareness about it, as excessive exposure to screen or strapped time can have harmful effects for the development of our little ones.

Dance is an excellent way to practice movement, and now it is scientifically proven to nurture connection and cooperation between adults and children. Ready to rock and roll and transform your living room into a dance floor? Let’s dive in.

What we’re talking about…

  • The impact of physical Movement on children’s development.

  • Movement as our first language and first learning tool.

  • Why we need to be movement-aware today.

  • The power of dancing together.


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Helpful bouncing babies show that moving together builds bonds from the time we learn to walk

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