How to prepare our children for the future - Episode #2

Show Notes

So in today’s episode we are talking about the future of work and its implications on our children’s education. It’s no doubt that our world has radically changed in the last 60 years and even more rapidly in the last 20 years with the internet and the spread of digital devices. And the world keeps changing - according to the Institute for the Future, Eighty-five percent of the jobs that today’s students will do in 2030, don’t exist yet. In this new panorama, “soft skills”, rather than formal education are becoming more and more valuable. Childhood is a unique time to develop creativity and learning agility. And so, offering our children a balanced education, which apart from intellectual knowledge, focuses on wellbeing, problem-solving and creativity, will not only support their personal flourishment but also their professional one.

What we’re talking about…

- Changes in the workplace in a era of digitalisation and robotization

- Why Creativity is a very important skill today and in the future

- Why childhood is the best time (but not the only one!) to nurture our creative muscles


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