Empathy: Our Secret Super-Power - Episode #7

Show Notes

In this week’s episode, we’re

talking about the secret powers of Empathy. Empathy enhances perception,

imagination and interpersonal connections, and can be a huge igniter of social

change. In our days, it’s clear that technology has the potential to contribute

to major social and environmental disasters as well as for the creation of a

more connected abundant and peaceful reality. Deep down, it’s a matter of

choice. If we are to educate a generation of problem-solvers,

community-builders and creative-thinkers, rediscovering the power of Empathy is

one of the keys for a more positive and stable future. And so, how to raise

empathetic children in an individual-centred culture, it’s a theme that has

been extensively researched in our contemporary times.

What we’re talking about…

- Defining Empathy.

- Why Empathy is a super-power.

- How an efficient use of Empathy requires the

engagement of our whole brain.

- Fostering Empathy through art, storytelling, dance

and tinkering.

- Engaging in the world’s challenges as a family.

- How children can learn to care for others.

- How we can (re)tap into our personal power and



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