Decoding Children's Creativity - Episode #1

In this week’s episode we’re talking about the 4 P’s of Creativity and how to easily nurture our children’s creativity while focusing on the right thing. Mel Rhodes, an American educational scientist, was one of the firsts that tried to define creativity scientifically. He ended up discovering the 4 P’s of Creativity and took creativity out of the realm of the ethereal, in-born and fuzzy. This pioneering concept shows us that creativity, children’s included, is a phenomena with distinct structure and dynamic and therefore a skill we can teach and develop - probably in a much easier way than we imagine, while we spend time with our dearest creative little people.

What we’re talking about…

- Great creative environments for children

- Why my grandparent’s house was a fabulous creative lab

- The 4 P’s of Creativity: Person, Product, Process, Press (or Environment)

- How to understand more each one of them

- What kind of play children are really craving for

- The ultimate goal of nurturing children’s creativity


Curious: Guide to a Creative & Balanced Education at Home

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