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Hi, I'm Raquel Bellastella

When my first son was born, I experienced a heart-wrenching paradoxical feeling. I was in complete awe of him, his life, and his eagerness to play and learn, and at the same time, I felt deeply uninspired and isolated. I had no idea how to be more present or get my playful and creative juices running in this new world of motherhood. So I started researching a couple of modern pedagogies and trying some ideas at home. And a beautiful relationship between children development and the creative process became clearer and clearer. For children imagining and learning are deeply connected activities. 


Playing together and having a great space for imagination at home turned out to be a marvellous way to connect and infused the rush of our everyday life with fun, meaning and heartwarming moments. I became fascinated by children’s creativity, its impact on our family life and its potential to transform the world around us.  
As our world quickly changes, it gets clear that creative and collaborative skills are crucial for the future. We now also know that childhood is a unique and special time to nurture those skills.  

I’m so excited to share this journey with you! I feel deeply honoured by the opportunity to create amazing theatrical experiences for children and families and support parents who are passionate about raising conscious and creative human beings. Storytelling is an incredible tool to understand and reimagine the world around us. Igniting and allowing space for imagination is fundamental to support children’s development as a whole - and here you are going to find different tools to best nurture your child’s creativity while also having great fun along the way.

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